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Whether traveling for business I have medical insurance in my Tokio Marine HCC is a leading specialty
or pleasure, international travel home country; do I need multi-trip insurance group conducting business
should be a fulfilling experi- medical insurance? in approximately 180 countries and
ence. However, complications underwriting more than 100 classes of
such as natural disasters, ill- Many times the primary medical specialty insurance. Headquartered in
nesses, and injuries can arise. insurance in your home country will not Houston, Texas, the company is made up
While we may do everything cover you while traveling abroad and of highly entrepreneurial teams equipped
possible to guard against it, often will not provide essential services to underwrite special situations, compa-
sometimes the unexpected in the event of an illness or injury. nies and individuals, acting independently
still occurs. Fortunately, Tokio Atlas MultiTrip provides important to deliver effective solutions. Our prod-
Marine HCC- MIS Group is benefits such as translation assistance ucts and capabilities set the standard for
here to help if it does. during treatment, doctor and hospital the industry, as many of our nearly 2,500
referrals, and assistance replacing employees are industry-leading experts.
Atlas MultiTrip offers coverage lost prescriptions. Coverage applies
including inpatient and outpa- to multiple trips up to 30 or 45 days in Tokio Marine HCC is part of Tokio Marine,
tient medical expenses, emer- length (as elected) during the 364-day a premier global company with a market
gency medical evacuation, contract period. cap of approximately $30 billion. *Tokio
accidental death and dismem- Marine HCC holds a financial strength
berment, and lost checked After purchasing coverage, how rating of AA- for Standard & Poor’s and
baggage for frequent interna- can I trust the company to be there Fitch Ratings and A++ (Superior) by A.M.
tional travelers. if I need them? Best Company.

Tokio Marine HCC- MIS Group, headquar- *At the time of printing For more information on
tered in the United States in Indianapolis, these ratings, please visit: www.standardandpoors.
Indiana, is a full-service company offering com,, and www.fitchratings.
international medical insurance products com.
designed to meet needs of consumers
worldwide. For more information about Atlas MultiTrip, please
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