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Care Access Plan by The IHC Group

Risk Coverage and Need
Health insurance gives you regulated medical care and financial protection within the scope of the insurance plan you buy. Life insurance protects your family after ‘you’. But, what If you happen to get struck with serious medical illness or disease that may drive you to drawn out survival or convalescence, there are inevitable mounting expenses which are drain your resources. You and your family needs financial protection for such threatening contingencies.

This is a fixed-benefit indemnity plan with hospital, surgical and critical illness insurance benefits for you and your family.

This plan is designed to offset threatening expenses like: ‘out-of-pocket maximum’ from your health insurance plan, lost wages, experimental treatment, high ticket prescription drugs, specialist in out-of-network, caretaking attendance, travel etc.


Every Care Access Plan automatically includes a lump sum $10,000 critical illness benefit for the primary insured and covered spouse, along with a $2,500 for each covered dependent child. As an option, the critical illness benefit may be increased to meet your family’s specific needs.

There are three levels of indemnities available to purchase customizable benefits for these services:

  • Inpatient services: per diem basis
  • Inpatient surgical services : per surgery basis
  • Outpatient surgical services: per surgery basis
  • Ambulance: per trip basis
  • Chemotherapy and radiation: per treatment up to lifetime maximum of 100 treatments
  • Critical Illness: covers benefits level for cancer, major organ transplant, severe burns, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and coma.
  • Additional Outpatient benefits includes: Wellness and Preventive Care, Outpatient physician office visits, urgent care or emergency visits,
  • Diagnostic Testing: Outpatient X-ray and lab; outpatient advance studies like CT scan, EEG, MRI, PET, etc,


Applicant must be between 18 years to 64.5 years of age, and permanent or legal resident of the United States. Eligible dependents includes you lawful spouse/domestic partner under age of 64.5, and children up to age 26.  are also eligible.

With advances in medical sciences and technology, survival expectancy and age prolongation from such severe illnesses is higher, and so are living expenses.

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