Gap Health Insurance


It helps reduceOut-of-Pocket expenses

due to accident, surgical, some critical illnesses,and hospital confinements

What are Metal Gap 2 and Voluntary Insurance Protection Plans (VIP Plans) under Gap Health Insurance by The IHC Group

Your main medical plan could leave you responsible for deductible and coinsurance expenses due to accident or certain critical illnesses. Gap Insurance plans have two series of plans: Metal Gap 2 Plans, and Voluntary Insurance Plan (VIP) plans. There are five plans under each category. Both series are supplemental insurance plans with varying combinations of following benefits:

  • Accident Medical Expense: Benefits are payable for medical expenses incurred as the result of each covered accident up to the select maximum benefit amount, or the actual expense you incur, whichever is less.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: The benefit is paid when an accident results in death or a covered loss or dismemberment. The amount paid will vary based on the nature of the loss. This benefit is available once during the coverage period.
  • Critical Illness: Covered critical illnesses include life-threatening cancer; heart attack; kidney failure; stroke; coma; coronary artery bypass; loss of sight, speech or hearing; major organ transplant; paralysis and severe burn. (Covered illnesses may vary by state.) The percentage of the benefit paid varies based on the illness diagnosed. In addition to the standard plan benefit, a critical illness benefit of $2,500 is available for each covered dependent child.
  • Accident Disability Income: Provides disability income on monthly basis for 12 months after waiting for 90 days.
  • First Day Hospital Confinement: The first day hospital admission benefit when admitted as an inpatient due to a covered accident or sickness. This is available once in calendar year.
  • Daily HospitalConfinement (1-10 days in addition to First Day benefit): This is available once in calendar year
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Surgical: The benefit is paid for a covered inpatient or outpatient surgical procedure to repair damage, control a disease or certify a diagnosis. One inpatient and
    one outpatient benefit are available per calendar year.
  • Outpatient Physician Office Visit: Available two times per calendar year, the outpatient physician office visit benefit is paid when the consultation is for an accidental or sickness.
  • Exclusions: Each plan has list of exclusions that it does not cover. Browser over its brochures and look over the exclusions to the plans.

Both series of plans are designed to cover limited risks and reduce hospitalization expenses. The plans
offer insurance options to supplement regular medical insurance and reduce out-of-pocket costs.

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Eligibility for Gap Insurance Plans

This plan is available to the primary applicant up to age 64, his or her spouse age 18 to 64 and dependent children under the age of 26. Child-only plans are not available. All benefits terminate when the covered person has attained age 70. It is a guarantee issue plan, meaning you cannot be turned down for coverage based on your health history

Things to know before I sign up for it.

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I just signed up. Now What?

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Request for aplastic Membership ID cardin membership portal, and download its PDF copy.

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  • Customer Service: select Option 3 for members at 866-473-6615
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  • Bill inquiries: 1-856-892-4301; Fax: 610-374-6986

Plan availability varies by State. Shop Plans to see what’s currently available for you


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