Hospital and Surgical Indemnity

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Supplemental Hospital and Surgical Indemnities by The IHC Group

Supplemental Hospital Insurance is hospital indemnity insurance,
also known as hospital insurance. It pays fixed benefits for a covered
inpatient hospital stay. Surgical services may also be covered, not to
exceed the selected plan maximum amount.

Supplemental Hospital Insurance can help fill gaps in your health insurance coverage
by providing cash benefits for unexpected or higher cost services. It pays benefits
regardless of other coverage you may have, and benefits may be paid directly to you,
unless you assign them to a physician, hospital or other health care provider.

These two plans are fixed indemnities insurance designed for your financial protection in certain situations to offset  incidentals related to ‘Out-of-Pocket’ expenses from your current health insurance plan. Medical services which may be covered by Supplemental Hospital and Surgical Indemnities insurance include the following:

  • Inpatient hospital confinement
  • Inpatient surgical services
  • Outpatient surgical services
  • Second surgical opinion
  • Outpatient urgent care or emergency room visit
  • Outpatient diagnostic x-ray or lab
  • Outpatient advanced studies

Supplemental Hospital Insurance allows for flexibility with various benefit levels and monthly premiums to meet your needs and your budget. You may apply for coverage at any time – there are no designated
enrollment periods.

Covered benefits are payable for a pre-existing condition after the insured person has been continuously covered under the policy for 12 consecutive months, which excludes newborn.

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Policyholders Customer Services

Loomis Company are the Servicers for the policies issued by The IHC Group. Here is information for post policy purchase for the members:

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  • Physical ID cards delivered mailed 3 days after policy issue.
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