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International Travelers Medical and Travel Safety Insurance


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for multi-trips anywhere in the world


What is Atlas MultiTrip International Travelers Medical and Travel Safety Insurance?

If you are an international traveler who plans to make multiple trips abroad from your home country, and you maintain health insurance coverage while in your home country, this multi-trip plan is for you. The contract duration of this insurance policy certificate is for 364 days. During the certificate period, you are quoted price for covered trips abroad of either 30 days or less; or 45 days or less. You may elect either of the two choices at the time of application for trip abroad. Coverage for each trip begins the moment you depart your home country during the certificate period. You get coverage for your medical and other critical emergencies for durations of your trips abroad.

Things to know before I sign up for it

Who is eligible for this medical insurance?

U.S. Citizens and Non-U.S. Citizens who are at least 14 days of age and up to 75 years of age, and who maintain insurance providing coverage while in their home country, are eligible for this plan. Spouses and/or dependent child(ren) (under age 19) may be covered provided they also meet the requirements.

  • U.S. Citizens and residents are not eligible for coverage within the U.S, except as provided under an eligible benefit period
What are the brief features of this medical insurance?

  • Maximum limit of coverage is $1,000,000. Deductible is $250 per covered trip. Coinsurance is 100% of eligible expenses after deductible.
  • Coverage of each trip begins the moment you depart your home country and terminates on 30th
    or 45th day of your choosing, or the moment you and your accompanying spouse and
    dependents arrive back.
  • At the end of each trip, you (and your dependents) have an extended coverage of a Benefit
    Period of up to 90 days beginning on the first day of diagnosis or treatment of injury or illness
    you sustained abroad.
  • In addition to medical coverage during the trip and extended coverage of Benefit Period, the
    policy also covers emergencies like:
    • emergency medical evacuation,
    • repatriation of remains, local burial or cremation, accidental death and dismemberment,
    • terrorism,
    • crisis response like ransom, personal belongings, emergency reunion, bedside visit, return of minor children, pet return, political evacuation, trip interruption, lost checked luggage, travel delay, emergency dental, natural disaster, hospital indemnity, and personal liability.
What do I need to know before I sign up?

Click and familiarize yourself with the following published material:

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How do I find medical care providers?

This plan comes with worldwide network of healthcare providers who offer you discounted medical costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

Click below to find about networks of Medical Care Providers in U.S. and worldwide:

Worldwide Providers Network

National PPO Network in U.S Doctors Network in U.S. Dental Providers in U.S.
St-Waorldwide Providers Network ST-National PPO Network in U ST-Doctors Network in U.S. ST-Dental Providers in U.S.

I just signed up. Now What?


An email arrives in your Inbox from Tokio Marine HCC MIS. Read instructions and save this email.


Register your account. This is Client Zone. Familiarize yourself with your account page. Download what you need.


Your ID cards should arrive in the mail in about 3-5 days.


Go over the policy and understand its scope, benefits, and limitations.


Find doctor you want to visit, make appointment, and settle fee payment arrangements.

How do I make sure my medical bills are cleared timely?

If you are outside the U.S.

Check with the provider of the medical services if they accept your insurance ID card of Tokio Marine HCC policy and have capability to process medical claims directly. In this case, assign processing of bills to the medical service providers.

If the medical service providers do not process claims with insurer, take all bills from providers, pay for services upfront, take receipts of payments you to make and then file claims with insurance company for reimbursements. Your service provider may accept to wait for you to have insurance company pay directly and establish relationship.

If you are in the U.S.

Verify with the medical service providers in the network that they accept Tokio Marine HCC policy and they will process the claims directly with the insurance company. If so, the insurance company will notify you in Explanation of Benefits statement showing claims paid, claims denied, and what you owe.

Note of caution!

In either case, it is important that you file medical claims with the insurance company or have your medical service provider file claims and check their status online.

If your medical service provider is not dealing directly with insurance company, download online Claim Form, fill the medical services you received, bills of the service providers and submit paper claim by mail, or scan and submit claims to, or preferably go to Client Zone of your registered account, login and submit the claims. You can fill the forms online as well and email supporting bills. As your claims are processed, you will receive a statement of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from Claims Examiner, which will show claims paid or denied.

I’m a policyholder. I need help!

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