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Worldwide Health and Safety Insurance

When you are away from your home country, which may be for leisure, pleasure, visit, business, adventure, missionary, sightseeing, or studies abroad, be aware that healthcare insurance coverage of your home country may not cover you once you cross its borders. As much as you need to keep your passport, credit cards, and money safe, you need medical care and attention in case of illness or accident when you are abroad. Above all, you need to hold your peace if financial disaster strikes related to your health and body by keeping your International travelers health insurance card tucked with your passport.

We are proud to bring to you following types of health and travel safety insurance having worldwide coverage specifically designed for international travelers and international students pursuing studies abroad from HCC Medical Insurance Services on behalf of the Lloyd’s, London underwriting members of Lloyd’s Syndicate .

Atlas Travel – Individual & Family

Atlas Travel – Group

Atlas Travel – Multi Trip

Atlas Travel – Students

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