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International Travelers:
Health and Travel Safety Multi-Trip Insurance

If you are an international traveler who plans to make multiple trips abroad from your home country, and your maintain health insurance coverage while in your home country, this multi trip plan is for you.  You get coverage for your medical and other critical emergencies for durations of your trips abroad, typically for trips of either 30 or 45 days or less, whichever you elect.  These plans come with worldwide network of healthcare providers who offer you discounted medical costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

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Brief Features

  • For U.S. and Non-U.S. Citizens who are at least 14 days old and up to 75 years of age, and who maintain medical insurance providing coverage while in their home country, are eligible for this plan. Spouse and/or dependents under age of 19 are eligible on the same policy provided they also meet these requirements.
  • Maximum limit of coverage is $1,000,000. Deductible is $250 per covered trip.
  • Insurance is effective on the date you request on the application and pay one time low premium for 364 days of coverage.
  • Coverage of each trip begins the moment you depart your home country and terminates on 30th or 45th day of your choosing, or the moment of you  (and your accompanying spouse and dependents) arrive back.
  • At the end of each trip, you (and your dependents) have an extended coverage of a Benefit Period of up to 90 days beginning on the first day of diagnosis or treatment of injury or illness you sustained abroad.
  • In addition to medical coverage during the trip and extended coverage of Benefit Period, the policy also covers emergencies like:
    • emergency medical evacuation,
    • repatriation of remains, local burial or cremation, accidental death and dismemberment,
    • terrorism,
    • crisis response like ransom, personal belongings, emergency reunion, bedside visit, return of minor children, pet return, political evacuation, trip interruption, lost checks luggage, travel delay, emergency dental, natural disaster, hospital indemnity, and personal liability.
  • You must familiarize yourself with a number of exclusions in the plan.

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