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What is Pharmacy / Rx Pay Card by The IHC Group

Prescription drugs can means substantial drain on those who are dependent. Even for mild users of prescription drugs, it can mean a set aside budget. The Rx Pay Card prescription drug program is a discount price program available over about 55,0000 participating pharmacies in the U.S. except in states of California, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The network of pharmacies includes pharmacy chains as well as thousands of independent pharmacies throughout the country. If your neighborhood pharmacy is not participating in this program, have them call Help Desk to learn to take advantage of this program and serve you as well.

Things to know before I sign up for it

Am I eligible for this plan?

This discount card plan is available to all ages, including child under parent’s guardianship.

How do I shop and how do I pay for prescription medications?

Drug list (formulary) is divided generally into four categories or tiers for purpose of retail pricing, discounted pricing, and copays.

The Rx Pay Card, a discount pricing program, has following tiers typically for 30 day supply of medication:

  • Tier 1: Generic drugs… up to $10 per prescription
  • Tier 2: Brand name and select generic drugs…. Up to $20 per prescription
  • Tier 3: Brand name and select generic drugs …. Up to $50 per prescription
  • Tier 4: Brand name drugs…. Discount only

Just the way you select and shop in your favorite grocery store, even using its coupons, buying prescription drugs is no different. The steps involved to shop for the medications you need to buy are:

  • Search for drugs and check of their typical retail price.
  • Search for participating pharmacies, and select 2 – 3 pharmacies to shop for prices.
  • Find prices of medications from short list of pharmacies, and settle on the one of your preference.
  • When you find that the medications you are prescribed fall in Tier 3 and Tier 4 level, and are relatively expensive, contact the customer service or pharmacist at your selected pharmacy to discuss for cheaper substitutes, discuss with your doctor and test out the generic versions.
  • If you do not find the medications on the Drug List, take help from Customer Service (877-230-3336) as to how you get best deal and from where.

Things to know before I sign up for it.

Familiarize yourself with the informational brochure, drugs list, retail prices, and pharmacies

I just signed up. Now What?


Check your email for a welcome letter and Insurance Policy documents.


Follow the instructions in the email to signup as member with policy servicers.


Go over the policy and understand its scope, benefits, and limitations.

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I’m a policy holder. I need help!

Customer service is provided by third party, Ebix Health Administration Exchange :

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Read more customer service information
  • Customer Service: select Option 3 for members at 866-473-6615
  • Onllne Member Portal:
  • Policy Documents Requests:
  • Bill inquiries: 1-856-892-4301; Fax: 610-374-6986

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