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Pharmacy / Rx Pay Card by The IHC Group

Prescription drugs can means substantial drain on those who are dependent. Even for mild users of prescription drugs, it can mean a set aside budget. The Rx Pay Card prescription drug program may be used at over 55,0000 participating pharmacies throughout the United States.

Between ages of 2 to 64.

Tier Levels and Prices of Drugs
The Rx Pay Card program has following tiers :

  • Tier 1: Generic drugs… up to $10 per prescription
  • Tier 2: Brand name and select generic drugs…. Up to $20 per prescription
  • Tier 3: Brand name and select generic drugs …. Up to $50 per prescription
  • Tier 4: Brand name drugs…. Discount only

Just the way you select and shop in your favorite grocery store, even using its coupons, buying prescription drugs for your needs is no different. A complete list of all drugs included in this program are available at You can search for retail prices and tier level of the drugs using Rx Pay Card from the participating pharmacies. When you find that the medications you are prescribed fall in Tier 3 and Tier 4 level, and are relatively expensive, contact the customer service or pharmacist at your selected pharmacy to discuss for cheaper substitutes, discuss with your doctor and test out the generic versions. 

When your are shopping for Short Term Medical plans, you have option to add Pharmacy/Rx Pay Card. 

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