Supplemental Medical Plan

Hospital SafeGuard



Hospital & Doctor Insurance/Health ProtectorGuard

Fixed Indemnity Insurance for age below 65


Plans pay for hospitalizationand associated services to offset heavy expenses

These plans are indemnities designed as financial protections to pay you fixed coverage benefits upon defined occurrences to reduce your out-of-pocket costs of deductible, coinsurance, and other expenses related to your hospitalization, surgery, health emergencies and help you pay for other incidental expenses. You can buy these plans standalone (a-la-carte) or preferably with your main medical health insurance plan (either Short TermMedical, TriTerm Medical or a Major Medical plan).

For details, see these plans here:
Hospital & Doctor Insurance/Health ProtectorGuard
Hospital SafeGuard


United Healthcare

Golden Rule Insurance Company is the underwriter of these insurance plans.

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