Dental Insurance Plans (PPO)


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Dental Insurance Plans

 The IHC Group offers following dental plans underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company:

Indemnity Plans

  • Independence 1000
  • Independence 1500
  • Independence Ultra 1500

If you receive dental services from a provider that is not included in the network, covered expenses are limited to the maximum allowable charge. You will receive bill from the provider if out-of-network expenses exceed the maximum allowable charge.

PPO Plans

  • Independence PPO 1000
  • Independence PPO 1500
  • Independence Ultra PPO 1500

When utilizing in-network dental providers, the rates of service are controlled by the insurance company, and you get discounted rates of service.

Review Details of Plans

The number at the end of each type of plan denotes the maximum benefit, either $1000 or $1,500 for the calendar year.

Download Brochure here  to review the scope, benefits, exclusions, and limitations of the plans. When comparing the plans, weigh the benefits based on:

  •  Maximum benefit per person per calendar year.
  • Sharing of expenses of defined services in three categories: Preventive, Diagnostic Care, Basic Care, and Major Care.
  • Waiting Periods defined for services categorized under Basic Care and Major Care. This is visible for specific plan under button

Each of plans have following categories of services, sharing of expenses, and waiting period are defined in each the plan: 

  • Preventive Care: Exams, Cleanings, Topical Fluoride, and Sealants.
  • Diagnostic Care: X-Rays.
  • Basic Care: Fillings, simple extractions.
  • Major Care: crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, periodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. Typically have 12 months waiting and 50% coverage of shared expense.  


  • Dental plans are offered specific to the State and Zip Code.
  • Age: Up to 99 years.
  • Plans vary for age above 64.5 years.

Healthcare Providers

These plans come with nationwide network of dental doctors and dental providers who have contracted with insurance company and offer you discounted medical costs related to their Usual, Reasonable and Customary (URC) rates of service. This directly affects your out-of-pocket expenses. It is significant to use providers in the network to get discounted services. The providers in the PPO network verify and obtain approval from the insurance company and file claims with insurance company after approved shared coinsurance from the insured customers. The insurance company for in-network providers controls the costs of services. However, you can go to out-of-network providers who may accept to give you discounts. Typically, the discounts of contracted rates are about 30% to 50% of URC rates.

It is always prudent to check and verify that the provider will accept to give you in-network rates of service. It may need shopping for dentist for the same set of services since the term URC is often vaguely applied. Check out this network to reach dentists who have contracts with the insurance company:


    I want to sign up. How should I go about?


    Open Quote and Sign up here.                  Quote and Sign up here


    Fill the form and click on See Quotes. 


    Under tab Dental Insurance, you see plans in increasing order of price and benefits. 


    Click on button Details to see the list of benefits, then click on the button Select  and follow the screens to apply. 

    I just signed up. Now What?

    Check your email coming from, and follow instructions.

    Open detail instructions on how to create and look into membership account .

    Download PDF copy of Membership ID card in membership portal, and request for plastic ID cart.

    Browse over network of doctors and select one to go to. 

    I’m a policyholder. I need help!

    Phone: 866.473.6615


    Customer service is provided by third party, Loomis Company

    Customer Service: select Option 3 for members at 866-473-6615

    Online Member Portal: 

    Policy Documents Requests:

    Bill inquiries: 1-866-473-6615    Fax: 610-374-6986

    Plan availability varies by State. Shop Plans to see what’s currently available for you.


    Call us at 407-792-6060 or leave message below.
    We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

    Who are the providers of the plans?