Healthcare Providers Networks

Major Medical Plans (PPACA)


Individual & Family

Employers and Employees


Short Term Medical Plans

The IHC Group IHC

  • MultiPlan: has a number of networks within.
  • FirstHealth and Cofinity: are national PPO Networks
  • Doctor: Search by specialties.
  • Dentemax: This is PPO network of dental care providers.
  • Ancillary Care: This is network of about 33,000 ancillary providers. They provide diagnostic services, medical equipment, therapeutic services, and some other medical services

Customer Service: 866-473-6615 / Option 3 for members.

Third party, Loomis Company, provides customer service.



TriTerm Medical Plans




Telemedicine, Dental and More


The IHC Group


Accident and Critical Illness

Dental Insurance

Health and Wellness Discount Plan

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Supplemental Medical Plans


The IHC Group



Medicare Plans




International Students and Travelers


For non-U.S. and non-EU citizens traveling within U.S. : Affiliated network of UnitedHealthcare Options PPO are the PPO Networks in the U.S.

For EU citizen traveling within the U.S.: FirstHealth and Cofinity are the affiliated PPO networks within the U.S.

For dental care providers in the U.S.:  Use Dentemax to start your search for dentists.

For non-U.S. travels: There are no PPO networks outside USA. You may use Allianz Care  to locate physicians. However, you may use any medical practitioner at your discretion, pay for services and have bills reimbursed.