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REDUCTION SCHEDULE For any Cancer Diagnosed within the first thirty (30) Days after the Policy Effective
Date the Cancer Diagnosis Benefit Amount shall be reduced. The reduced Benefit Amount for Cancer
will be ten percent (10%) of the Cancer Diagnosis Benefit Amount shown on the Policy Schedule Page or
policy endorsement.

In the event an Insured Person is Diagnosed with Cancer within the first thirty (30) Days following their
Policy Effective Date and the reduced Benefit Amount for Cancer is paid, no other benefits shall be payable
and coverage for that Insured Person under the policy will terminate.

In addition to any benefit-specific conditions, limitations, or exclusions, no benefits will be payable under
the policy for:
a. any disease, Sickness or incapacity other than Cancer as defined; this is so even though such disease,
Sickness, or incapacity may have been complicated, affected (directly or indirectly), or caused
by Cancer;
b. loss that begins prior to the Policy Effective Date;
c. Diagnosis received outside the United States or its territories, unless otherwise specified in the
policy; or
d. any illness specifically excluded from the definition of Cancer or Carcinoma in Situ.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION(S) The benefits of the policy will not be payable during the first twelve
(12) months that coverage is in force with respect to an Insured Person for any loss caused by Pre-Existing
Condition(s). This twelve (12) month period is measured from the Policy Effective Date for each
Insured Person.


GUARANTEED RENEWABLE FOR LIFE - The policy is guaranteed renewable for life. You may keep the
coverage in force during Your lifetime by paying the premiums on time. We cannot cancel or refuse to
renew the policy for any reason other than nonpayment of premium. At no time while You continue the
policy in force may We place any restrictive Riders on it without Your permission.

The age limitation is 18-99 for both Primary Insured and Spouse and Dependent Children must be under
age 26 (maximum issue age is 25). Coverage for the Insured Person terminates when 100% of the Heart
and Stroke Benefit Amount is paid, unless additional Riders are attached under which benefits are
still payable.

RIGHT TO ADJUST FUTURE PREMIUMS – After this policy has been in force for twelve (12) months, We
may change the premium rates only if We change them for all policies like Yours in Your state on a premium
class basis. A premium class basis is determined by such factors as benefits, age, geographic location, and
the year the policy is issued. If We change the rates, Your premium will be determined by Your age on the
Effective Date of the Policy. If We change the premium rates for all policies of this form issued by Us and in
force in Your state, We will inform You in writing at least forty-five (45) days before the change occurs at the
address shown in Our records.

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