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No benefits are payable for conditions other than the Qualifying Events defined in the Rider.

After payment of the maximum percentage of the Heart and Stroke Diagnosis Benefit Amount for
an Insured Person shown in the chart above, coverage for that Insured Person under the Rider
will terminate.

EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS The Rider is subject to the following Exclusions and Limitations, in
addition to those outlined in the Policy.

No benefits will be payable under the Rider for:
a. any disease, Sickness, or incapacity other than Qualifying Events as defined; this is so even

though such disease, Sickness, or incapacity may have been complicated, affected (directly or
indirectly), or caused by a Qualifying Event;
b. loss that begins prior to the Rider Effective Date;
c. a Qualifying Event Diagnosed during the Waiting Period;
d. Diagnosis received outside the United States or its territories, unless otherwise specified in
the Rider;
e. intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide, or any attempt while sane or insane;
f. voluntary self-administration of any narcotic, drug, poison, gas, or fumes, unless prescribed or
taken under the direction of a Physician and taken in accordance with the prescribed dosage; and
g. any illness specifically excluded from the definition of Qualifying Events listed in the Rider.

WAITING PERIOD The Rider has a thirty (30) Day Waiting Period. Waiting Period means the first thirty
(30) Days following an Insured Person’s Rider Effective Date. No benefits will be paid for a Qualifying
Event that is Diagnosed during the Waiting Period. If an Insured Person is Diagnosed with a
Qualifying Event during the Waiting Period, We will terminate the Insured Person’s coverage under
the Rider and refund the applicable portion of premium paid for that Insured Person’s coverage.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION(S) The benefits of the Rider will not be payable during the first twelve
(12) months that coverage is in force with respect to an Insured Person for any loss caused by Pre-
Existing Condition(s). This twelve (12) month period is measured from the Rider Effective Date for
each Insured Person.

We will pay the Hospital Indemnity Benefit Amount shown on the Policy Schedule Page for each Day
that an Insured Person is confined to a Hospital as an Inpatient. We will pay two (2) times the Hospital
Indemnity Benefit Amount for each Day an Insured Person is confined to the Intensive Care Unit of a
Hospital as an Inpatient. For benefits to be payable, the Hospital Confinement must:
a. be due to an injury, Sickness, or Complication of Pregnancy;
b. begin while the Rider is in force for an Insured Person;
c. be for at least twenty-four (24) hours; and
d. be at the direction of and under the supervision of a Physician.

Benefits will not be payable beyond a Maximum Benefit Period of thirty (30) Days, as shown on the
Policy Schedule Page, for any one (1) Period of Confinement.

Upon attainment of age sixty-five (65), coverage for each Insured Person will be reduced by fifty
percent (50%) as shown on the Policy Schedule Page.

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