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® wrong place at the wrong time, and the up to the medical coverage life¬time
country or region you’re visiting is NOT maximum for eligible medical expenses.
International Coverage under a level 3 or level 4 travel advisory, If you are younger than 80, you may be
Atlas Group offers coverage for eligible covered for an acute onset of a **pre-ex-
Emergency Medical Evacuation and medical expenses resulting from those isting condi¬tion. This also includes
Emergency Reunion acts. Coverage excludes countries or up to a $25,000 lifetime maximum for
regions for which the U.S. Department emergency medical evac-uation.
Would you know what to do if you found of State has issued a level 3 (“reconsider
yourself in a life-threatening situation travel”) or level 4 (“do not travel”) advisory. An acute onset of a pre-existing condition
far from home? Tokio Marine HCC- MIS is a sudden and unexpected outbreak or
Group is experienced in arranging emer- Political Evacuation recurrence of a pre-existing condition which
gency medical evacuations. Atlas Group occurs spontaneously and without advance
will cover eligible expenses necessary If, during the coverage period and after warning either in the form of physician
to transport you from an initial treating your arrival, the United States government recommendations or symptoms.Treatment
facility to the nearest hospital qualified to issues a level 3 or level 4 travel advisory must be obtained within 24 hours of the
treat your life-threatening condition. We for your destination country, Atlas Group sudden and unexpected outbreak or recur-
also understand the importance of family will coordinate your alternate departure rence. Chronic and congenital conditions are
support in these difficult situations. Atlas arrangements from that country and cover excluded from coverage.
Group will also cover the transportation, eligible associated costs.
lodging, and meal costs for a relative to Hospitalization & Outpatient Treatment
join you after a covered emergency medi- Natural Disaster Benefit – Replacement
cal evacuation, up to the lifetime limit. Accommodations If a covered illness or injury requires
hos¬pitalization, the plan provides
Repatriation of Remains Natural disasters can happen anywhere coverage for eligible costs associated with
and at any time. If a natural disaster occurs hospitalization, including intensive care unit
What would your family do if disaster while on your trip, causing you to become and outpatient treatment. Sports Coverage
strikes while you are away from home? displaced from your accommodations,
The death of a loved one is never easy, Atlas Group will provide relief of a maxi- Atlas Group includes coverage for eligible
no matter the circumstances. In the mum of $250 a day for 5 days to help cover injuries and illnesses that could occur
unfortunate event of your death while the costs of alternative accommodations. while participating in many popular
traveling abroad, Atlas Group will arrange vacation sports- skiing, snowboarding,
for and cover eligible costs associated with Hospital Indemnity snorkeling, water skiing, and others- at
the repatriation of your remains. no additional cost. Certain extreme
If you are hospitalized, the world around sports are excluded from coverage.
Return of Minor Children you does not stop. What’s more, in some
places hospitals do not provide their Sports Coverage
If you are expected to be hospitalized for patients basic necessities like meals, tooth-
more than 36 hours due to a covered injury paste or soap. If you are hospitalized as an Atlas Group includes coverage for eligible
or illness, and covered children under 18 inpatient for treatment of a covered illness injuries and illnesses that could occur while
years of age will be left unattended as a or injury, Atlas Group will provide $100 for participating in many popular vacation
result, Atlas Group will cover the transpor- each night you spend in the hospital. sports- skiing, snowboarding, snorkeling,
tation cost for the children to return home. Atlas Group* Quality Benefits water skiing, and others- at no additional
cost. Certain extreme sports are excluded
Terrorism Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions from coverage.

In these turbulent times, the risk of a Atlas Group provides a limited benefit
terrorist attack is a reality. If you are in the
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