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About Us

Florida Licensed Insurance Brokers

We are licensed insurance brokers in resident state of Florida. We believe that in current context of rising healthcare costs, it is important that everyone cover oneself for risks to one’s health and finances by purchasing insurance for:
  • Basic health insurance plan for routine health care and probable hospitalization.
  • Supplemental insurance to reduce out-of-pocket expenses one may run into for likely heavy medical and living expenses attributable to threatening disease and injury,
  • Ancillary medical and support services to complement basic health insurance.
Due to complexity of a large variety of health insurance plans being sold by a number of carriers, we are focused to sell following types of health insurance plans by UnitedHealthcare®.

Medical Insurance Plans

    • ACA Major Medical Plans: for Individuals, families, and employer-employee.
    • Short Term Medical plans for age below 64. Some plans are integrated with prescription drugs coverage. Options to add supplemental medical insurance and ancillary products are available. These plans are very suitable for transition to ACA Major Medical Plans.
    • TriTerm Medical Plans: for age below 64. These plans are integrated with prescription drugs coverage with options to add supplemental medical insurance and ancillary products. These plans are alternatives to ACA Major Medical Plans.
    • Medicare Advantage. For age above 65 for those i) who have earned 40 credits and above, ii) certain disabilities and end stage renal disease situation; and iii) direct premium purchase for above 65 if not earned 40+ credits.

Supplemental Insurance

Ancillary Products 

    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Term Life insurance
    • Telemedicine

International Travelers and Students by WorldTrips – Tokio Marine HCC MIS

    • International students travel safety and medical insurance for studies abroad anywhere in the world.
    • International Travelers travel safety insurance and medical insurance for family, individuals, group, and for multi-trips from home country, anywhere in the world.
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