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Short Term Medical Insurance

Transition Medical Plans (30 days to 364 days months) to ACA Major Medical Plans


Optional Add-on Plans



What is Short Term Medical (STM) Insurance?

UnitedHealthcare® is offering Short Term Medical plans underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. They are about 40% to 60% lower on premiums than Obamacare/ACA major medical plans. You can sign up for it any time of the year, and the coverage begins the next day. 

These plans are now available for 30 days to 364 days depending upon the State and the Zip Code.

Eligibility and conditions for Short Term Medical Plans

The primary applicant (and spouse, if applicable) must be between 19 and 65 years of age when the policy/certificate is issued. The coverage ends at age 65.

  • Dependents must be younger than 26 at the time of application, but can remain on the plan until the policy/certificate ends.
  • If the primary insured dies, a covered spouse or the youngest covered dependent child, if unmarried, can become the primary.
  • In general, it is recommended that the younger spouse be designated as the primary insured on the application.
  • If the primary insured moves to a different state, the policy/certificate will end. A move within the same state to a different Zip Code may result in premium change.
  • Eligibility is for this plan is based on accurate answers to questions in the application during underwriting process.

Unacceptable medical conditions

Some medical conditions present high risk. When you apply a plan, you will reach screen to answer questions about serious illnesses or preexisting conditions that maybe/are disqualifiers for these plans, thus resulting in application being declined.

Exclusions and Limitations

These plans have a number of exclusions and limitations. Review the brochure for that plan.

Selection of a Short Term Medical Plans

Look over the outlines of plans in the State you are in (FL, TX, or VA) given in the links above. From the variety of plans showing basic benefits, tentatively select the type of plans that will suit your needs. Now open the link below to look up for flexibilities and price quotes for each of plan of your interest:

Enter basic information of Zip Code, Date of Birth, Male/Female, and Yes/No for Tobacco use. If you are adding your family members, click on ‘Add Spouse, and Add Child, and then click on View Plans.  Follow steps below to narrow down to select the plan and customize it to your requirements:

  1. Select tab Short Term Medical. You are presented with listing of quotations of all available plans with their premium prices. There are two filters, Payment Amount and Deductible, to narrow down your search and sort them in the certain order by using button Sort choices by the down arrow. Start with the filter Deductible, and check radio button to select range of deductible, the lower the deductible, the higher the premium. The display list shortens. Leave the Sort order as Low to High Premium.
  2. To compare three of four plans, check boxes Compare, and then click on blue button at the bottom of the screen. A comparative list of plans appears showing Plan Details for their default settings of display. You can change the value of benefit where there is down-arrow for corresponding benefit. The price changes as you change value at the down-arrows.
  3. Scroll down to review summary of Plan Details. With down arrows, you can change most of selection criteria of deductible, coinsurance, coinsurance out-of-pocket maximum, and Days of Coverage. Note the Lifetime Maximum limit of the plan, the more it is the higher the premium. If this suits you, then make changes using down arrows and see the effect on premiums. If you wish to see another set of plans after having reviewed the outlines of plans above, go back for reselection of criteria by clicking on button ‘Back to Results’.
  4. Note particularly what the benefit is for Doctor’s Office visits and Prescription Drugs coverage.
  5. Check out TriTerm Medical Plan in states of FL and TX, for your selection criteria and see if plans show up to your liking.
  6. When done with plan selection, click on button Apply and follow the screens to submit application.

I want to sign up. How should I go about?


Take me to Sign Up


Enter your information > View Plans


Under tab TriTerm Medical, sort plans in order of your preference. Select a plan and view its Details.  When ready, select the plan and Add to Cart.


The choices impact premium of the plan. The lower your deductible, the lower your coinsurance out-of-pocket costs, the higher the premium and thus lesser is your financial risk.


Add a supplemental medical plan under tab Hospital SafeGurad or Hospital & Doctor


We recommend that you add Hospital SafeGuard, Plan A or B at the minimum, and add to the Add to Cart.


Add the ancillary plan(s), and Add to Cart.


Complete and submit application.

I’m Policy Holder, I need help!

Follow instructions in the email. Keep member card handy!

Call Customer Service Phone: 1-800-657-8205

I just signed up. Now What?


Check your email coming from UnitedHealthOne, and save it for future reference.


Browse over network of doctors at https://www.myuhc.com and reach to Choice network, and select one to go to.


Do make appointment with your selected doctor.


Register to members portal at https://www.UHOne4me.com

I’m a policy holder. I need help!

Follow the instructions in the email.


For help:


Call us at 1-407-792-6060 or leave message below.
We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Who are the providers of these plans?

unitedhealth Hospital SafeGuard Vision Insurance Plans - Dental insurance plans
CriticalGuard Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Golden Rule Insurance Company is the underwriter of these insurance plans.