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What is Telehealth ?

Telehealth services are offered by HealthiestYou by Teledoc Health, is an affiliated service with UnitedHealthcare®. There are four services available to choose from as outlined below in the table. Click on the links to open brochures for details of features.

HealthiestYou by Teladoc

This is $20/month plan.  It covers following discounted services:

  • Consultation with a general practice doctor 24/7 over phone or via a mobile app.
  • There is no consult fee.
  • Find and pick up lowest cost prescription drugs in your area.
  • When you need MRI or Ultrasound, you can get discounted prices.
  • You can locate doctors, dentists, and other providers.
  • Expert Medical Opinion on more serious conditions.


New Benefits Basic

This is $25/month plan.  It covers the following discounted services:

  •  Telemedicine ($0 Visit Fee)
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Retail & Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Counseling Services
  • Financial Wellness

New Benefits Standard

This is $40/month plan. It covers all benefits of New Benefits Basic, plus following discounted services:

  • Teladoc Behavioral Health
  • Health Advocate Solutions
  • Doctors Online
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Caregiver Support
  • Fertility Advocacy
  • Global Travel Assistance
  • Pet Care


New Benefits Premium

This is $60/month plan.  It has all benefits of New Benefits Standard, plus the following discounted services:

  •  Roadside Assistance
  • LifeLock Standard’
  • LawAssure Enhanced
  • Instant Deals

Eligibility:   Anyone!

I want to sign up. How should I go about?


Open Quote and Sign up here on the UnitedHealthcare® site. Quote and Sign up here


Fill the form and click on View Plans.


Navigate and click on tab Telehealth. Choose the plan and click on link Plan Features to browse over its brochure. Click on button Details to see summary features of the plan. 


Click on button Add to Cart. Follow screens to Apply to sign up and submit the application. You will get an email to download policy with instructions.


Download app HealthiestYou on your mobile device, and register yourself, using membership ID.  Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of this app.               

I’m a Policy Holder, I need help!

Follow the instructions in the email you received. Keep member card handy!

Call Customer Service Phone: 1-800-657-8205


Call us at 1-407-792-6060 or leave message below.
We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Who are the providers of the plans?

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