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What are Dental Plans with Optional Vision Benefits?

Dental insurance plans with optional Vision benefits are available from UnitedHealthcare® in categories of age groups below 64 and above 64 are as follows:

For age below 64

There are two categories of dental plans with optional vision benefits as follows in the increasing order of benefits and premiums:

Primary  (Open brochure here)

  • Primary Dental
  • Primary Plus Dental
  • Primary Preferred Dental
  • Primary Preferred Plus Dental

Premier (Open brochure here)

  • Premier Choice Dental
  • Premier Elite Dental
  • Premier Max Dental

For age above 64

Following plans appear in the increasing order of benefits and premiums:  (Open brochure here)

  • Gen Saver Dental
  • Gen Basic Dental
  • Gen Plus Dental
  • Gen Deluxe Dental

I want to sign up. How should I go about?


Open Quote and Sign up here on the UnitedHealthcare® site. Quote and Sign up here


Fill the form and click on View Plans. 


Navigate and click on tab Dental, you see three plans in increasing order to price and benefits. You may compare these plans by checking the button Compare, and then click on bottom Compare at the bottom of display. This is quick tabular display of compared plans. Note the waiting period of services, annual maximum coverage amount, and availability of PPO plans (network of providers) which have lower rates of service. Click on button Details to see details of the plan. 


See brochures of  the plans while comparing plans. Select a plan, add Optional Vision Plan under Additional Benefits.


Click on button Add to Cart. Follow screens to click on button Apply and sign up.

Complete and submit application.


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