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We are licensed in Florida, Texas, and Virginia to sell health insurance plans. We believe that in current context of rising healthcare costs, it is extremely important that everyone buys insurance  coverage for likely heavy medical expenses one may run into besides regular healthcare costs.

Due to complexity of large variety of health insurance plans being sold by a number of carriers, we are focused to sell following types of health insurance plans:

  • Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans for seniors by AARP UnitedHealthcare.
  • Short Term Medical plans for age 2 to 64 by The IHC Group: These plans are low premium substitutes for high premium major medical insurance (Obamacare) plans to substantially cover risks of medical expenses with options to add dental, vision, and pharmacy coverage.
  • Supplemental and Ancillary indemnity plans by The IHC Group, like hospital and surgical, dental, vision, Discount Pharmacy/Rx for additional risk coverage.
  • Travel medical insurance by TokioMarine HCC when you plan to spend time abroad.
  • Students medical insurance by TokioMarine HCC for international students.

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