Short Term Medical Insurance or Temporary Health Insurance

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Short Term Medical Insurance or Temporary Health Insurance

By: The IHC Group As the name implies it is a limited medical insurance for a limited durations. The IHC Group offers two health insurance plans ranging from 30 days to 364 days. Short Term Medical plans are not compliant with Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or Obamacare) for full medical care coverage. Hence, you may have to pay penalty in through your tax return. if you do not have exemption waiver.

Applicability We bring you Short Term Medical insurance by The IHC Group. There is large choice for selecting deductible, coinsurance, and length of coverage so you know that you have prepared for financial risk due to unexpected medical situation you may run into. Generally, short-term medical insurance is applicable to:

  • Those who are between open enrollment periods. [Oct 15th  to Jan 15th].
  • Those needing immediate coverage while shopping and applying for permanent coverage.
  • Individuals transitioning between jobs.
  • Employees waiting for group medical coverage to begin.
  • College students or recent graduates.
  • Individuals no longer eligible on parents’ plan.
  • Those seeking an affordable option to COBRA.
  • On strike, laid off, or terminating employees.
  • Part-time or temporary workers.
  • Individuals not yet eligible for Medicare coverage.
  • New residents of the United States.

Eligibility: Between age 2 to 64, the spouse, and dependent children up to age 26

Ineligibility: There are a number of defined ‘pre-existing’ conditions’ which are disqualifiers for this policy. At the outset of application, ineligible ‘pre-existing conditions’ are checked. Click here to open list of these disqualifying conditions.

Plans Available in Virginia

Plans Available in Florida

Healthcare and Ancillary Providers  These plans have contracted with a number of healthcare and ancillary care providers who offer services at discounted prices. These networks of providers are:

Click here to check on availability of doctors or other healthcare providers and  medical facilities. 

Click here to check on availability of ancillary care providers. ​

Short Term Medical Plans: Selection and Signup

Click here to watch a brief video  and follow these steps for selection and signup for a Short Term Medical insurance plan:

Step 1Click here to obtain information and quote on types of plans

Step 2: Fill in basic information of Zip Code, Effective Date, Date of Birth, Gender. You may add for Spouse and children è Submit

Step 3: You are presented with Top Seller plans for that Zip Code in VA or FL. Look over the plans of your interest as follows: 

Step 4: Selection of Plan: We recommend selection of  minimum deductible with  80% coinsurance and minimum Out-of-Pocket plan.

Step 5: Additional Choices to Signup: At the minimum, select Rx Pay Card. You do need medications to go with your healthcare. You have choices for options to add for Dental Plan,  Metal Gap 2 [for Florida only], and Telemedicine. 

Step 6 Click on Apply on selected plan: Follow pages to sign up. You will get policy in your email inbox with instructions.

Additional Protections : The IHC Group offers  Care Access Plan  of fixed indemnities designed for your financial protection in certain situations to offset expenses related to ‘Out-of-Pocket’. You may like to add this financial protection with Short Term Medical insurance.

Financial Terms

Office Visit Copay: What you pay upfront at the reception of doctor’s office and give your IHC Short Term Medical insurance card. Must make sure the doctor’s office accepts it and bills to insurance company.

Deductible: The selected deductible amount must be paid by the insured person before the plan benefit begins. The deductible applies per covered person, per covered period. To be risk averse, use choice of least deductible amount for the plan, though the premium will be higher.

Coinsurance Percentage: The selected percentage coinsurance is the percent paid by the plan after deductible has been met for the medical services to you. Once $10,000 in covered charges have been applied to coinsurance percentage, additional covered charges in the coverage period shall be paid to by insurance at 100 percent up to the maximum benefit.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum: This is your choice to select “upper ceiling” of your financial risk you are willing to take. A range of maximum “Out-of-Pocket” cost is available corresponding the selection of  deductible and coinsurance you have selected. To reduce your financial risk, choose lower amount for “Out-of-Pocket” for corresponding increase of premium costs.

Policyholders Customer Services

Loomis Company are the Servicers for the policies issued by The IHC Group. Here is information for post policy purchase for the members:

  • Phone: 866-473-6615 /Option 3 for members
  • Email Customer Service:
  • Policy Documents Requests:
  • Online Member Portal:
  • Physical ID cards delivered mailed 3 days after policy issue.
  • Welcome letters & policies are delivered via email.
  • Bill Inquiries: 1-866-892-4301
  • Fax: 610-374-6986

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