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Vision Insurance Plans

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What are Vision Insurance Plans?

UnitedHealthcare® offers two Vision Insurance plans for all ages. The plans cover eye exam, frames, lenses, and contacts lenses. These plans are:

Plan A:  Has flat rate premium of $10.40/month for coverage for of benefits of either framed glasses or Contacts lenses.

Plan B: Has flat rate premium of $14.30 for coverage for benefits of Contacts lenses in addition to Glasses.

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Quiero inscribirme. ¿Cómo debo hacerlo?

Open Quote and Sign up here on the UnitedHealtcare® site. Quote and Sign up here

Fill the form and click on View Plans.


Navigate and click on tab Vision, you see two plans, Plan A, and Plan B. You may compare these two plans. Check the buttons Compare and then click on bottom Compare at the bottom of display. This is quick tabular display of compared plans.


Select a plan, and click on button Details.


Click on button Add to Cart. Follow screens to click on button Apply and sign up.

Completar y enviar la solicitud.


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Who are the providers of the plans?