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What is Health Discount Program by The IHC Group / Careington?

This program is bundled into two sets of products underwritten by Careington. The program is geared towards keeping healthier life style and getting expert help and assistance related to your healthcare goals. Open page here to see what is right for you.  

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Plan 1:  Wellness Discount Plan

This has three bundled components mentioned below are underwritten by Careington for price of: Individual $19.99/month; Family $24.99/month.  See details here.

Alterative Health and Wellness. (Chiro/Health/Fitness).  ChooseHealthy, Inc. (Phone: 877-35-2746), and American Specialty Health, and Fitness, Inc. (Phone: 800-245-2744), both subsidiaries of American Specialty Health Incorporated  (Phone: 855-328-2746)  provide these programs. Members save 25% on services from more than 70,000 participating specialty healthcare providers nationwide with ChooseHealthy program, and can choose from over 9,000 participating fitness centers and YMCAs with ActiveFit Direct program. Specialty healthcare providers include chiropractors, acupuncturist, massage therapists, registered dieticians, physical/occupational therapists and podiatrists.

Prescription Discounts: This is Prescription Discount Program by Careington (Phone: 877-321-6755) to find discounted prescriptions drugs prices. Members have access to prescription drugs savings that can be 15% to 60% of off retail price for generic drugs, and 10% to 25% off retail price of brand name drugs at over 68,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including Safeway, CVS, Duane Reade, Walmart, Rite Aid and many more. Find lowest discounted prices at local pharmacies. Even if members have prescription benefits through a health insurance carrier, a comparison of costs between the two programs should be performed to determine the most savings. Reach out to Careington Rx Card here to find discounted prices.

Telemedicine by DialCare. Phone: 844-677-2255.  It is an online service that connects you and your family to licensed and fully credentialed doctors of your state of specialty that you need 24.7.365. You also access for scheduled appointments with dentists (Tele-dentistry) and mental health professionals. When you call, be ready to give your insurance information and pharmacy where you want to pick up prescription medication. It is all for $0.00 consult fee.

  • At your preference, you may connect by phone, video, or mobile app.
  • You are connected within minutes and get call back from physician.
  • If medically necessary, a prescription medication will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Plan 2:  Health and Wellness Discount Plan

See details here.

This has eight bundled components for price of Individual $29.99, Family $34.99 as follows:

Plan 1: Wellness Discount Plan having three components mentioned above:

  1. Alternative Health and Wellness,
  2. Prescription Discounts,
  3. Telemedicine;

Plus five more discount programs below 

  1. Counseling Program by American Behavioral. It is telephonic counseling and referral service. As a member, you and your eligible dependents have access to My Personal Counselor, a confidential assessment, telephonic counseling and referral service. Features of this service are:

Three one-half hour counseling sessions are available per household each year.

  • Your counselor will help you identify problems and assist in working through them. The counselor can also determine the best alternatives and if necessary to make appropriate referrals to other professionals that specialize in your area of concern.
  • This service offers help in the following areas: i) Marital and Family, ii) Alcohol and Other Drug Dependency, iii) Stress and Anxiety Related Issues, iv) Grief, v) Emotional Problems.
  1. Patient Advocacy – Medical Bill Negotiation Service by Health Advocate. This is Medical Bill review, negotiation and patient advocacy service. The Health Advocate Medical Bill Saver service gives members access to:
  • Skilled negotiators who can help lower their out-of-pocket costs on medical bills not covered by insurance.
  • While Health Advocate does not guarantee a specific level of savings, on average, members see discounts of 25%-50%.
  • Member will receive an easy-to-read, personal Savings Result Statement, summarizing the outcome and payment terms.
  1. Patient advocacy – Healthcare Assistant by Health Advocate. This service helps the members to:
  • Find the best doctors, hospitals and dentists, and schedule appointments with providers.
  • Answer questions about test results, treatments and medications
  • Assist in the transfer of medical records, X-rays and lab results
  • Locate and research the newest treatments for a medical condition
  • Help resolve insurance claims and assist with negotiating billing and payment arrangements, and related administrative issues
  1. Patient Advocacy – Expert Second Opinion or Expert Medical Review by Pinnacle Expert: Members can avail of medical advice on following services:
  • Confirmation on diagnoses, expert second opinions, appointments with top specialists and guidance on appropriate treatment options
  • Customized reports identifying top local, regional or national specialists and facilitation of appointments with top specialists and centers of excellence
  • Access to virtual consultations for a second medical opinion
  • Gathering, organizing and forwarding of key medical records
  • Access to dedicated advisors who will help coordinate with medical and behavioral teams to develop a path to help with anxiety, stress and other mental health issues
  1. Medical and Durable Medical Supplies by Homelink: As a member, you will save between 5% to 40% on a wide variety of durable medical equipment, medical supplies, and services such as Beds, Wheel Chairs, Insulin Pumps, Glucometers, Diabetes supplies, Muscle Stimulator, IV antibiotics, Pain management, CPAP/BiPAP, Nebulizers, Ventilators, Home sleep testing, Catastrophic care coordination, and many more.


Before I decide to buy, what more do I need to know?

Open the following publications to familiarize yourself about these services.

See brochure here.

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I just signed up. Now What?

Check your email for welcome letter, and follow the instructions.
Go over the discount plans and understand their scope, benefits, and limitations.

Call member services at 800-290-0523,, for help. Give your member ID.


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