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International Students: Health and Safety Protection Insurance
If you are below 65 and you plan to study abroad as a 1) full-time student, 2) a full-time scholar affiliated with an educational institution, or 3) a student below the age of 19 enrolled in a secondary school; this plan offers you four levels of comprehensive medical insurance coverages depending on your needs and affordability.  These plans come with worldwide network of healthcare providers who offer you discounted medical costs and out-of-pocket expenses.
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Brief Features

  • You must have valid visa from host country for this plan.
  • This policy is available for maximum period of 364 days if one of your destination is the U.S.A. For all other countries, it is 365 days.
  • This policy terminates on: a) last day of the paid premium, b) last day requested on the application, c) the day when you do not meet eligibility requirements of a foreign student or scholar, d) when you return to home country.
  • You have an extended Benefit Period of coverage for 60 days for continued coverage from the date of first diagnosis or treatment of injury or illness for which you were an ‘inpatient’ in a hospital in host country even if your policy terminates during this period.
  • If you make incidental trips to your home country totaling no more than 15 days per 3 months’ period, you are in status of ‘incidental home country coverage’, and you continue with your international trip abroad. Return to home country must not be for the purpose of treatment of an illness or injury that began while abroad.
  • Four plans are available showing maximum coverage limit as  $200,000; $250,000; $300,000 and $500,000. Browse over the Schedule of Benefits and Limits to select the plan that suits you most.
  • In addition to medical coverage, the policy also covers emergencies like:
    • emergency medical evacuation,
    • repatriation of remains, local burial or cremation, accidental death and dismemberment,
    • terrorism,
    • crisis response like ransom, personal belongings, emergency reunion, bedside visit, return of minor children, pet return, political evacuation, trip interruption, lost checked luggage, travel delay, emergency dental, natural disaster, hospital indemnity, and personal liability.
  • Please familiarize yourself with a number of exclusions in this policy.

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